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     Public Works     


Ms. Michelle Marshall- Administrative Asst.

Bill Trinkle - Supervisor Public Works

Garage Hours 

Monday through Friday     7:30am through 4:00 pm 

 Borough Hall Office Hours

Email - pwadmin@longport-nj.us

     Monday through Friday     9:00am through 4:30 pm    (609) 823 - 2731 extension 120

To report an emergency after Regular business hours, please call the Longport Police Department at (609) 822 -2141

 The Borough of Longport’s Public Works Department operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure smooth, dependable service for our residents.

Typically, these services function so smoothly and reliably as to seem almost invisible to those who use them. It's easy to take for granted clean drinking water that flows at the turn of a faucet; predictable removal of garbage and trash from curbside every week and making sure the streets are clean of debris and safe for our citizens and visitors to travel. The Department has undertaken improvements to our roadways and water & sewer main infrastructure. This project is 80% completed and aesthetically, our town has never looked better.

Yet there is much more to providing these and other services than meets the eye. The Department is also responsible for management of Borough owned real estate and public facilities such as the playground and tennis courts. Our Public Works Department has given Longport the distinction of having one of the cleanest, most beautiful beaches in the area.  

 Services We Provide:  Permits Issued:
  • Streets/water & sewer main improvments
  • Water & sewer line inspections
  • Meter readings/bench calibrations
  • Trash & recycling collection
  • Maintenance of parks/tennis/courts/ playground
  • Storm drain maintenance
  • Beach cleaning
  • Street sweeping -snow removal
  •  Street markout releases
  • Water and sewer disconnects for demolition
  • Water turn on/ turn off
  • Water meters and W&S Service Connections
  • Emptying of Swimming Pools
  • Request to use fire hydrant
  • Road Opening Permit - Please click here for a copy of the street markout release permit